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23 August
Welcome to NyuNyu's Cosplay Journal! I can't guarantee it's always updated, but I will try.
All my costume photos are at my brand new website, NyuNyu Cosplay

This journal is public, so feel free to add. ^^ Comments are welcome, be they compliments, random, or
even constructive criticism, because I know I am not perfect and always looking
to improve.

Please visit my website!

NyuNyu Cosplay NyuNyu Cosplay

NyuNyu Cosplay NyuNyu Cosplay

I prefer to go by NyuNyu or Nyu online,
and formerly known as Chibi Ice Wolf.
I have been cosplaying since Anime Expo in July of 2003. I currently reside
near Arizona and attend all Arizona conventions I can, and sometimes
conventions in other nearby states. I come from Oklahoma so I have also attended
some Oklahoma and Texas convention.

A couple of my favorite and best costumes are Sailor Mercury from PGSM and Puchiko
from DiGi Charat. Recently I have completed a big dream project: Chise from Saikano. I like to cosplay
my favorite anime and game characters, which are usually cute and/or twisted.
I also interested in J-fashion, Hello!Project, and costumes from various other

I'd consider my strong points to be patterning and sewing, especially anything
with ruffles. I'm fairly skilled with wigs and still learning about props and accessories. I value attention to detail
and choice of materials in costume making.

SunaCosu is Arizona's
community for creative costuming! Our goal is to create an open and welcoming
forum to share our ideas for costumes, and alternative fashions. Together
we hope to grow as artists and have fun doing so. We host events such as workshops,
informative panels, photoshoots iron cosplay, and con dances to bring costumers
from around Arizona together.

Arizona Hobbyists
Paradise (AZHP) is an Arizona social networking community aimed at hobbyists.
The purpose is to unite Arizona residents, businesses and organizations and
to promote community growth and activity at events and gatherings.
hobbies includes anime, comics, games, cosplay, and more!

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